The sheer variety and range of rivers and lakes in Canada can be overwhelming. We have put collectively a beginner’s listing with our decision of the high-quality locations in Canada to go paddling!


Lake Louise is nestled in the very coronary heart of Banff National Park and surrounded by means of sharp and hovering peaks. With its special emerald inexperienced waters, Lake Louise is amongst the most impressive lakes in the country.

Guarded by using Mount Victoria, at an altitude of 1,731 meters, Lake Louise gives a lifetime’s well worth of jaw-dropping possibilities to paddle on a full-size sea of turquoise glacier-fed water. But you won’t be alone, due to the fact the natural world onshore will regularly preserve your company!

Plus, with its parking lot and the truly marked route leading to the lake entry point, Lake Louise is without problems accessible.

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Johnstone Strait is a slim glacier-carved passage with rocky shores and included waters. Over 300 orcas (killer whales) stay in this ecological reserve, alongside minke, humpback, and grey whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, and seals.

With its wildlife, rainforests, and mountain surroundings serving as the backdrop, Johnstone Strait is the ideal vacation spot to convey the pleasure of kayaking to the next level.

A proper base camp is critical for taking part in all that Johnstone Strait has to offer. Located on the north stop of the strait, Telegraph Cove is amongst the satisfactory areas for a campsite. From right here you can launch a boat, spot bears, and camp around a bonfire in the night to recharge your batteries after a day spent paddling amongst orcas.

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Canoeing on the mighty Yukon River is in all likelihood the most iconic journey in the Canadian wilderness.

Flowing throughout Alaska from the Yukon Territory to the Pacific Ocean, the Yukon River is a mecca for paddlers around the world. Mostly well-known for its significance in the course of the Klondike Gold Rush, currently the river is partly a country-wide historic heritage.

Canoeing on the Yukon River does no longer solely imply paddling via history, however, you’ll be exploring a healthful ecosystem and recognizing masses of flora and fauna such as bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, and moose.

It’s the best half-day recreation in Whitehorse, which can without difficulty emerge as a full-day adventure. And for extra keen paddlers who favor experiencing the depth of the river barren region and observing the historical Gold Rush route, there are masses of day trip choices – from an 8-day to a full 20-day canoe outing all the way to Dawson City, the Gold Rush capital.


Situated at an altitude of 1,883 meters, Lake Moraine is the properly hidden pearl of Banff National Park.

In the coronary heart of the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the lake is surrounded with the aid of rugged peaks, rock formations, and waterfalls. This marvelous glacier-fed tarn is the best destination for those who are in search of an unforgettable paddling experience. You’ll stumble upon notable blue-green waters or a vivid turquoise color relying on the season.

Its brilliant turquoise waters are now not the sole spectacle though. The vicinity additionally presents a number of trekking trails that carry you similarly into the backcountry, a long way away from crowds. It’s the ideal conclusion to a day spent paddling.

However, relying on the activity, it is very vital to select the proper season to go hiking. Many trails are closed at some stage in the wintry weather and due to undergoing undertaking some have seasonal restrictions.

The touchdown factor for a canoe or kayak is handy to access, as the parking lot is very close. Just bear in mind to lease your boat earlier than coming into the countrywide park!


Sitting above the Arctic Circle on the Japanese facet of Nunavut, Baffin Island is a far-flung and pristine vacation spot for any Arctic enthusiast.

Exploration chances right here are countless and kayaking to spot one of the most mysterious animals in the world is sincerely one of them. With their special protruding “tusks,” Narwhal populations are thriving amongst the fjords and bays of Pond Inlet. And as the ice melts in the very brief two-week summer, these mystical animals journey toward the shallow bays.

A kayaking excursion in these faraway and excessive seascapes is something virtually unique. Just photograph kayaking in the ocean with a surreal silence solely damaged by using the paddle and the noise of narwhals’ telltale blow. Don’t be amazed when their spiral tusks all of sudden show up thru the surface. This pure delusion can come to be a reality!

In such a pristine area, natural world encounters are additionally very frequent on land thanks to the reality that 60% of polar undergo populations stay on the archipelago alongside the excessive density of arctic foxes and caribous. These animals are very frequently noticed whilst kayaking, as they linger on the coastline.

This kind of journey can pose many threat elements so it is advised that nearby specialists lead and information to you